LGBTQ+ Civil
Rights Organization
in the SOUTH

Become a Part of History – Join The Caucus

The Caucus is the oldest LGBT political organization in the South and has been in continuous existence since 1975. It is an organization where all endorsements are decided by the members unless specifically designated otherwise. Hence, as a member-driven organization, members are responsible for the Caucus and its mission. Sustaining, annual, and lifetime membership dues represent a commitment to LGBT equality. Keeping one’s membership current guarantees the privilege of voting at all meetings and helps maintain the organization’s infrastructure. The Caucus is an all-volunteer organization and membership dues pay the monthly office expenses to help ensure the continuation of the Caucus’ equality-driven mission. Your membership is important to the Caucus.  If you are interested in becoming a Caucus member, but the annual membership dues of $40.00 would cause an undue hardship, please apply for a sponsored membership.

Sustaining monthly membership represents a monthly commitment from a member. The guarantee of dues enables the Caucus to set its monthly budget and plan carefully for expenses.