Sponsored Memberships

Thanks to the generosity of the Honorable Mike Engelhart and Jane Robinson, the Caucus have memberships available at no cost if you wish to be a new or returning member for any LGBTQ+ or ally community member in need or transgender identifying community members (including Gender Non-Binary community members). Please e-mail our Membership Chair, Katharine Ligon, at membership@thecaucus.org if you have any questions!

Please use the name you would like to use in relationship to The Caucus. It does not need to be your legal name.

General Membership Meetings

The Caucus meets on the first Wednesday of every month virtually during COVID. Please sign up for the FYI Friday to get news about meetings.

Next Steps

We value your privacy. Therefore, all membership details are considered confidential and used for internal and Caucus business related purposes only.

Once you submit your application, our membership chair, Katharine Ligon, will contact you shortly to confirm your membership including the date when your membership will need to be renewed. For additional questions, please e-mail membership@thecaucus.org
Thank you!