Clarification about Contact with the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston Vicinity, PAC



March 16, 2017



Contact Information:

Mike Webb, President


Preferred Pronouns:  They / Them / Their



Clarification about Contact with the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston Vicinity, PAC


HOUSTON, TEXAS— The Transgender community is consistently left behind by the larger equality movement, in addition to being the target of hate from far right extremists. Unfortunately, black Transwomen are the hardest hit by this bigotry.  This is a fact that must change and it starts here at home.

As discussed during the Houston GLBT Political Caucus General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, March 7th the Caucus participated in two conversations with a known anti-LGBTQ+ organization, Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity PAC. These two meetings ended with an understanding that a larger conversation between both organizations could begin.

Additionally, during the general membership meeting, Mike Webb, President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, publicly apologized to Caucus members as well as members of the Transgender community for not immediately including Black transgender advocates in the initial meeting with the Baptist Ministers, and highlighted the Caucus’ previous commitment to ensure that Black Transwomen will lead this relationship building initiative going forward, which has been the Caucus’ intention from the beginning.

Under no circumstances did the Caucus ever communicate that it is acceptable to seek the endorsement of any anti-LGBTQ+ organizations.  President Webb did clarify to candidates that the Caucus does not have any policies that bans endorsed candidates from accepting or seeking an endorsement from anti-LGBTQ+ organizations, while reinforcing the value of transparency and honesty by being upfront with Caucus membership from the very beginning if said candidate did have intentions of accepting or seeking the endorsement of the Baptist Ministers or any other anti-LGBTQ+ organizations.  However, President Webb admits the following, “It is definitely understandable how this situation can be misconstrued and frustrating for advocates, candidates, and community members who feel out of the loop.  We dropped the ball on communicating with Caucus members in real-time and will do a better job of clarifying when individual Caucus board members are representing themselves during campaign activity versus acting on the behalf of the Caucus.  I am honored that I am the elected representative to speak on the behalf of the Caucus and will continue to be a strong voice against LGBTQ+ bigotry while being receptive on how we can better communicate our stances in a culturally appropriate manner.”

Your voice is critical as we continue to address various issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community.  The next General Membership Caucus meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at the Montrose Center (401 Branard St., Houston, TX 77006), where members will also decide if we are going to endorse in the upcoming runoff elections.  Visitors are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting to learn more about the Caucus.  For more information about the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, Caucus events, or volunteer opportunities call 713-521-1000, email, or visit our web site at